Mike Weed July 18, 1958 - September 9, 2014

Mike Weed was one of the pool riding pioneers and was one of the best all around skaters of the 1970's era. He rode vert, freestyle,slalom and downhill. He had deep surfing roots, and was a a pro surfer for a short while. But skateboarding took over, it was a great time for discovery. Mt. Baldy pipe and many pools were on his list of hot spots to ride. He was there for the 1975 explosion of skateboarding, he traveled around the world, skateboarding and having fun until 1980. Then it was time to hand the torch to the next era. Mike was a surfer and skateboarder his whole life, he lived on Maui with his wife Leslie and son Richie until he lost his battle with Leukemia in 2014. Mike was a team rider for Maui Surfboards for about ten years. His favorite surf spot was always Honolua Bay.


Mike's Pro Skateboard Contest Record

1975 !st place Freestyle , Arizona St. Championships

1976 3rd place Bowl Riding , Hang Ten

World Championships (1st Pro Bowl Riding Contest)

1976 3rd place Freestyle Hang Ten World Championships

1976 2nd place Giant Slalom, La Costa

1976 3rd place Freestyle, Long Beach World Championships

1977 2nd place Freestyle, Long Beach World Championships

1978 2nd place Pool Riding, Spring Valley, Hester Series (1st Pro Pool Riding Contest)

1978 3rd place Bowl Riding, Kona Skatepark, Fl.

1978 4th place Freestyle, Kona Skatepark, Fl.

1978 9th place Bowl Riding, Upland Skatepark, Hester Series

1978 10th place Pool Riding, Big 'O' Skatepark, Hester Series

1978 6th overall, Hester Series

1979 3rd place Pool Riding, Oxnard Skatepark

1979 8th place Banked Slalom, Free Former World Championships

1979 6th place Bowl Riding, Free Former World Championships

1979 1st place Freestyle, Free Former World Championships

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